City Utilities is an online relocation service that offers consumers who are moving a "one-stop shop" for setting up, canceling, or transferring their household services.
This service is FREE to the consumer and is made possible through's partnerships with local and national service providers. We have established e-commerce relationships with many of the largest and most prominent household service providers in the United States, including: AT&T, Sprint, NICOR Gas, AOL-Time Warner, Con Edison, Qwest, The New York Times, EarthLink, SkyTel, and more!
To transfer, set-up, or cancel utilities and services, visitors to the site must simply register and fill out quick, easy, and secure online forms. This process typically takes approximately 20 minutes.
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(Note: The utility transfer service is free. Customers, however, will still be obligated to pay any customary charges to the associated utility or service provider, such as cable installation fees, telephone transfer fees, etc.)