The Advantages of Pre-Approval

Don't you think you would have more success buying a home if you offered the seller a briefcase full of $100 bills? Of course you would! When you pull out a wad of greenbacks, most people drop their jaws, and their inhibition of selling for less than top dollar. "Just give me that cash! How ever much you have!" You get top priority as a buyer with dollar bills on the table, and you dramatically increase your ability to negotiate. But when it comes to buying a home, most people look for a house, find what they like, make an offer, and then roll their financial dice. The seller lumps them in with all the other offers, and dreams of "Joe-millionaire" strolling in and plopping down cash.

Well, just in case you don't think you will be able to come up with a briefcase full of cash, there is something you can do that comes extremely close. Research shows that a pre-approved borrower has 97% of the buying power of a cash buyer! By getting pre-approved for a loan, before you ever begin house hunting, you will know exactly how much you qualify for, and have the proof to show any home seller. You better believe you will get preferential treatment when you walk into someone's home, pre-approved by a mortgage company, for the amount they want for their home. In addition, this renders the ideal opportunity to propose a lower price, because they know you have got the "cash" to back up your negotiations. Of course, getting pre-approved is the key to this whole scenario. To have the virtual buying power of cash, you must be educated about the loan process, and be pre-approved for your qualifying loan amount, before you ever begin hunting for a home.

We know that educating you is the best way to serve you, and have the opportunity to assist you when you are in need of mortgage financing.

To give you even more negotiating power you will receive our 'Pre-Approval Certificate' which guarantees the seller $250 if your loan doesn't close due to your qualifications.